How we can help

International Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd have been supplying the mining industry with innovation for over 30 years.

Our mining products include Roof Bolt Plate Magnets or Urethane Coating Clamping Magnets, which also reduce production delays and enhance safety. We also have available our tested and proven Scale Busta product for scale removal from pipes in underground mines.

If you need to get large volumes of magnetite our Magpick 9 will do the job, and if you’re looking to easily attach and remove a safety flag pole to your vehicle for mine access, we have the best on the market right here.

We also have certified testing equipment to test your Lifting Magnets, which produces a certificate showing a clear representation of the Magnetic Lifter’s performance characteristics and confirming if it meets with the safe working capacity under the Australian Standards.

Our mining product range

Eezy-Fit Safety Flag Base

Allows you to be safe and have the freedom to move about onsite.

Scale Busta

Treat the extreme mineral concentrations in water used in mines.

Lifting Magnet Testing Service

We offer a fully certified service to test most brands of magnetic lifters.

Magpick 9

Designed for quick retrieval of large volumes of magnetite or swarf.

Urethane Coated Clamping Magnets

Easily hold structural components such as roof bolt plates while mining.