Perfection through experimentation

When we work with our customers, we often perform experiments to perfect our products. Here are some examples.

Novelty floating magnetic top

A permanent magnet cannot be suspended in free space by another permanent magnet. That would be like antigravity. We had to see if we could copy this novelty top. We succeeded of course. The trick is the Gyroscopic force of the spinning top keeping the system stable. Well, until it stops spinning… Looks like magic but has a scientific base. It floats in a magnetic well. International Magnetic Solutions takes the mystery out of the mysterious.

Electron deflector for radiation machine

They had a problem in Hong Kong. “We need to remove the electrons from our radiation target.” International Magnetic Solutions develops a magnetic assembly for altering the path of the electrons, deflecting them out of the way.

Laboratory sample separator

BHP laboratories in Newcastle required a simple quick way of measuring the amount of iron in a mineral sample while the scientist was still out in the field. The hand-held high energy unit developed by International Magnetic Solutions did exactly what was required.

Permanent magnet advice

If you’re looking for application advice using permanent magnets, give us a call  today. We’d be happy to discuss this with you.