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Growing healthy plants is a must for anyone in the agriculture industry. It is hard for plants to take up the water they need if there is salt present. So, dealing with hard water and high salinity in irrigation water causes ongoing problems for farmers if not treated correctly. Stock also prefer drinking magnetised water and studies have shown benefits in growth and animal health.

One of the most environmentally safe and powerful ways to treat water is the use of magnet technology. Our magnetic water conditioners harness the power of rare-earth permanent magnets to diminish the adverse effects of high salinity and hard water. The intense magnetic field produced by our conditioners interferes with the ionic charges of the mineral salts in water resulting in the water acting softer. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium, lose their ability to bond and no longer set like cement, and sodium salts lose their ability to bind to the soil particles. Our conditioners also:

  • Prevent leaf burn
  • Reduce sodium and chloride build-up in plant tissue
  • Reduce sodium and chloride build-up in soil
  • Help clear previous salt build-up in soils
  • Results in hard water behaving like soft water
  • Clear pipes and pumps of scale build up and with continued use, pipes remain clear

Our line of MagWrap, GoFlow and GrowFlow magnetic water conditioners come in a range of magnet strengths and sizes to suit a wide array of needs. If you’d like us to recommend a model to suit your requirements, get in touch with us here.

Our agriculture product range

MagWrap Range

Quick and easy wrap to condition smaller pipes, up to a maximum of 25mm.

GoFlow Range

Offers a multi-sized, tight fit arrangement. We have options available for pipes from 10mm to 25mm.

GrowFlow Range

Easy to install clamp units for the treatment of water in larger pipes from 20mm to 50mm.