Precast concrete magnetic form working tool

  • Save time and money
  • Quick and easy
  • No drilling
  • No gluing


Stayput Ferrule stays put

The revolutionary Stayput Ferrule system was specifically designed for the precast concrete panel industry. It is designed to stay in place and hold onto the Ferrule using magnetic force.

The base attaches to the steel base plate onto which the concrete is formed. Rods (available in different diameters to suit all ferrules) screw into the base and hold all steel ferrules and forms in place during pouring of the concrete.

On completion the ferrule stays in the concrete but the rod and base are easily recovered and re-used – the ferrule simply slides onto the magnetic base and is held in position by our unique design which has magnetic fields top and bottom.

The integrity of the steel base plate is maintained at all times since no drilling or screwing is necessary.


Saves time, money labour and other material costs

  • Stays in place with no drilling, screwing or gluing – clamps to base with the need for any fixing
  • Easy to adjust position with tapping
  • Easy to fit Ferrule – Ferrule slides on without screwing. Magnets hold it in place
  • Easy to remove – Ferrule stays in concrete and Stayput Ferrule stays on base when the concrete slab is lifted
  • Can be used at any angle, in any position
  • Each unit can handle a variety of Ferrules
  • Reusable – do not need to keep reordering throw away parts – saves time – transport costs – account keeping charges
  • Comes with position markings for easier positioning