A revolution in the safety of magnetic lifting

  • Eclipse Lifting Eye Mechanism guarantees the load cannot be dropped under tension (patent pending)
  • The only permanent magnetic lifter to come complete with the ‘Safety Shim’ system (internationally patented)
  • Guarantees a 3:1 Safety Factor irrespective of unknown weights, poor surface condition, thinner sections, etc
  • Removes all doubts and uncertainties regarding safe lifts
  • Is quick and easy to use

How easy is it to use?

Once the ‘Safety Shim’ test has been completed you simply lower the Ultralift Plus™ onto the work piece, then by depressing the button on the safety handle (like a car handbrake) the handle can be turned through 120° until it locks under the safety catch – the component can now be lifted. At this stage the Lifting Eye is under tension, activating the operating handle isolator, guaranteeing the load cannot be dropped by accidental switching.

The safety load isolator incorporated in the unique lifting eye mechanism combined with our patented ‘Safety Shim’ means that safe just got safer.


Model number Unit weight Flat SWL Min thickness Round SWL Max Diameter
UL0125+ 4kg 125kg 20mm 50kg 200mm
UL0250+ 11kg 250kg 25mm 100kg 300mm
UL0500+ 27kg 500kg 30mm 200kg 400mm
UL1000+ 63kg 1000kg 45mm 400kg 450mm
UL2000+ 157kg 2000kg 55mm 800kg 600mm

How to purchase

We are an onseller for this revolutionary product. Please contact us to find out more or to purchase.