Great for industrial workshops

Picking up ferrous metallic items such as tools, nails, nuts and bolts is quick and easy with the IMS Magnetic Retriever/Scavenger.

Watch how easy it is to use!

Magnetic Retriever/Scavenger features

  • Designed for magnetic retrieval for all types of iron matter
  • Convenient, easy on the back and simple to use
  • Compact design, only 40mm x 20 mm
  • Fits in tight areas such as between formwork and steel reinforcing in the concrete industry
  • Manufactured with strong Neodymium rare earth magnets
  • No large shields or trays to deflect the scrap
  • Easy pull handle to release

Step by step instructions

In the ON position with the handle pushed right down the magnetic force penetrates out of the retriever to attract any metal objects.

Lifting the handle removes the magnetic field from the work face to easily discharge the iron scrap or filings effectively turning the unit OFF.

In the OFF position there is external magnetic force so there will never be a tendency to stick to anything in the OFF position.