Crack Detectors used for non-destructive testing

Also referred to as magnetic particle detectors, our purpose-built magnetic crack detectors with permanent magnets, are used to magnetically detect cracks in steelwork.

It is used to detect surface and subsurface defects and cracks in ferromagnetic components and structures with its DC magnetic field, where AC field testing is not possible.

It is particularly useful in hazardous areas where powered equipment is not allowed, or where mains power is not available.

Crack Detector features

  • Light-weight permanent magnetic yoke for magnetic particle inspection
  • Simple to use and light weight to carry
  • Flexible cable allows manageability and access even in the most restricted applications
  • Magnet height 48 mm and overall length is 330 mm
  • All Crack Detectors are numbered and certified
  • Permanent Magnet tested to Standard AS 1171, ASME V or BS6072
  • As an ongoing service, we also clean, remagnetise, test magnetic strength and re-certify our IMS Crack Detectors